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Visual Inspection & Clearance Certificates

Visual Inspection & Clearance Certificates

Unauthorised persons aren’t allowed to enter an asbestos removal work area until a clearance certificate is issued. Any protective barricades should remain in place until all licensed asbestos removal work is completed and the final clearance certificate is issued.

Before a clearance certificate can be issued, an independent licensed asbestos assessor conducts a visual inspection for evidence of dust and debris. The inspector needs to be satisfied that the asbestos removal area, and the area immediately surrounding it, are free from visible asbestos contamination.

A clearance certificate must be issued before the area can be re-occupied for demolition or other work.

While we are fully licensed and accredited to carry out asbestos removal, there needs to be separation and independence between those undertaking the work and those clearing the work as safe and complete. As such, we do not carry out post-work inspections and issue clearance certificates for own work. Instead, we can help arrange for a fully independent inspector to inspect our work and issue you with a clearance certificate.